The Founders Guide To Raising Capital

Are you running a startup? Do you think you might need to raise financing from outside investors at some point? If so, this book was written for you!

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What You'll Learn

In order to close a round of funding many things need to be aligned and your strategy needs to be completely buttoned up.

Cut the Learning Curve
Skip the rookie mistakes and late nights researching. This book contains everything you need to know from putting the story together to getting money in the bank.
Insights on Strategy
With this book you will become a star strategist. Raising money is all about becoming a great storyteller and for that there needs to be a compelling story trajectory told.
Learn How it Works
To play the fundraising game and succeed, you need to know the rules. With this book you will get a good understanding of the industry as well as how to build momentum with key players.


With a foreword by Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran, and published by John Wiley & Sons, The Art of Startup Fundraising takes a fresh look at raising money for startups. Raising capital is an art. Every single ingredient needs to be perfectly balanced in the process in order to secure capital successfully. 

Fundraising takes work. It takes effort, time, and an investment in thinking and taking the small actions that can create big results. Aside from the right mindset and expectations, successful fundraising takes making connections, marketing, and proving yourself and the product. It takes strategically rolling out and executing a plan. Often, that requires help.

For that reason I wrote this book which aims to be the guide that will help you get there in a process that, many times, can be a rollercoaster ride, full of emotions.

About The Author

Alejandro‘s platform helps startups raise millions of dollars every month and with his platform over 170K introductions between founders have been made to build startups within the last two years.

Alejandro Cremades

Alejandro Cremades leads the vision and execution for Onevest as its Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. The Onevest ecosystem supports founders and investors in building successful ventures. Onevest provides technology products to connect founders, investors, advisors and influencers in the entrepreneurship community seamlessly and easily.

Onevest is currently operating 1000 Angels, which is the world's largest digital-first, invitation-only investor network that allows members to build a venture portfolio free of management fees, carried interest, or large capital commitments. In addition, Onevest is operating CoFoundersLab, which is the leading matchmaking service for founders connecting them with other cofounders, advisors, and interns.

Prior to Onevest, Alejandro was an attorney at King & Spalding where he was involved in one of the largest investment arbitration cases in history with $113 billion at stake (Chevron vs. Ecuador).

Alejandro guest lectures at NYU Stern School of Business and The Wharton Business School. Alejandro has been included in the Top 30 Under 30 lists of Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur Magazine, and GQ Magazine.

Alejandro has also been involved with the JOBS Act since inception. He was invited to the White House and the US House of Representatives to provide his stands on the new regulatory changes.


What You'll Learn

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Raising capital for your venture

Setting yourself up for success

Crafting the pitch

The due diligence package

Sources of capital

Understanding the VC game

Investment rounds explained

Investment amounts and prospects

What to look for in an investor

Term sheets and terms

Avoiding common mistakes

Understanding the JOBS Act

Tools for fundraising

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